How long will it take?

Construction takes between 8 to 12 weeks depending on weather, access and site conditions.  See the construction page for details of what’s involved. We will discuss your timeline with you at quoting stage and throughout construction.

pool excavation

What will it cost?

The major things which can affect price include:

high pool site

Also, each pool is a little different as they are individually designed to meet client tastes and requirements.  We will discuss costing options with you at the initial meeting and throughout construction.

For an indicative price of different styles, see the Gallery.

Can I have a look at some of your work?

Absolutely! Just email us and we will put you in contact with clients who are happy to show you the pool we have constructed for them.

What tiles, surrounds and interior should I choose?

The choice is yours, however we have been building pools with different products for many years and we have experienced how they perform in the long term, as well as how they look in the short term. We will happily assist you with the best choice to suit your style, budget and pool longevity.  See the Construction page for more information.

What filtration and equipment is best for my pool?

We will help you select the most appropriate equipment to suit your budget, pool care and conditions. See the Construction page for more information.

pool plumbing